Jake McLeodThese songs kill bad bosses

The American folk singer, Woody Guthrie, stuck a label on his guitar. It read: "This machine kills fascists".

He was right - his music made ordinary people confident of their trade union organisations. Workers who are confident cannot easily be defeated. In the same sense we say that the Union Song Campaign "kills" bad bosses.

We have appealed for funds and our financial appeal letter can be found on the RESOURCES page and in the box below.

We hope that other retired members' branches and Trades Union Councils consider establishing Union Song Clubs in their towns.

You can use our letter as a template to write your own appeal letter to help raise funds to set up YOUR Union Song Club.

Jake McLeod
Branch Chair

Unite LogoUrban Guerrilla Singing

Our union branch set up the Union Song Campaign. We meet every month for a lunchtime session. Of course we enjoy ourselves and have fun. But there is a serious side to our Song Club.

We will create an effective choir - and get together supportive musicians - to help trade union organising campaigns.

We are targeting "Bad Bosses". As  well as singing outside the premises of bad bosses, we shall hand out union recruitment leaflets to their staff!

We have fun and help support the fightback of  young workers! Zero hours contracts were unheard of when most of our branch members were young!

We shall not let our young folk down - we will stand with them in the fight for justice, dignity and respect in the workplace!

Mick Rice
Branch Secretary

Anita SheltonGlobal
Song Campaign

As an American woman living in Scotland, I am proud of this initiative. We have drawn upon some of the best from the British and US Labour movements. Modern technology allows us to listen to Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and other artists from all over the world. We, trade union members who are retired, can add to the voices of these socialist troubadours to enthuse young workers, here in Scotland and in every town that sets up Union Song Clubs!

You will find on the RESOURCES page, that you can copy this website and set it up for your own local Union Song Club. You can also print out the song book as it is available in an Adobe PDF format.

I am sure that the Union Song Campaign will find resonance across the English speaking world as a cultural weapon to secure workers' rights!

Anita Shelton
Former Equalities Officer

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